Best Tourist Destinations in Semarang for Your Vacation

With the rapid changing of human lifestyle in this modern era, more people are prone to stress, which may reduce their performance at workplaces. Thus, having a vacation becomes an emerging needs among people live in big cities. One among recommended vacation destinations is Semarang in Indonesia. In this article, we will give some suggestion about best tourist destinations in Semarang for your trip to Semarang.

The following list are some of the things to do in Semarang during your trip with your family or friends:

  • Trying Semarang’s popiah: one of the specialty of Semarang is its cuisine. One of the most popular cuisine in Semarang is Lumpia. This food originally came from China and being brought to Indonesia by Chinese immigrants. It consists of thin sheet of pastry filler with various filling, including meat, fresh vegetables, egg, and bamboo shoots. It is usually served wither deep fried or fresh. However, most people prefer the fried one due to the savory taste of oil. There are a lot of places that serve this foods, such as Lumpia Gang Lombok and Lumpia Express.
  • Going to Sam Poo Kong Temple: this temple was first established within 13th century by the popular Chinese Muslim voyager named Zheng He on his visit to Indonesia. As the oldest Chinese temple in Semarang, this temple had experienced a collapse in 1704 due to a landslide. However, it was reconstructed and consistently renovated since then. It covers more than 3.2 hectares area and consists of five major buildings with extraordinary mixed Javanese and Chinese architecture. During lunar year, there will be a carnival to respect and pay homage to voyagers like Zheng He.
  • Tasting the popular mee goreng (fried noodles): Semarang is truly a home for savory cuisine. The most recommended food to try is mee goreng or literally translated as fried noodles. There is something different with Indonesian fried noodles compared to other countries. It has the strong umami taste, which only make you even hungrier after you taste the food. Mee goreng can be found on almost all food stalls on the street and the prices are all cheap. You can also purchase the uncooked version and cooked it at your hotel.
  • Visiting Great Mosque of Central Java: this large complex of mosque covers approximately 10 hectares land. It has three major buildings constructed in a shape of U and a courtyard in the center with 6 hydraulic umbrellas. The design of the roofs is influenced by Joglo style, a traditional design of Javanese house. The umbrellas were influenced by the Al-Nabawi Mosque in Medina. This mosque is able to handle up to 15,000 people at most, and the auditorium alone can handle up to 2000 persons. This mosque also has a deck for observation at the top of the mosque.

Those are some of the places to visit in Semarang where you can enjoy your trip. There are still a lot of tourist attraction to visit. However, if you only have limited time, these places will certainly give you the unforgettable memory you are looking for.



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